David Sullivan

David Sullivan

I learned chess from my father at a very young age, but did not pick up the
seriously until I started High School. My best friend at the time was
already a
master. I hit the books, and played and played with strong players until I
hold my own with them.

The "high" that makes Chess addictive is the feeling of control over
objects (the Chess pieces). The better one's understanding becomes, the
greater your
control, and your ability to make harmony or disharmony with the pieces jon

My two most memorable expieriences playing Chess, were having the honor of
both Magnus Carlsen, and a young Judy Polgar on equal terms.

The moments that stick out in my mind as an instructor, are when I figure
out a
better way of explaining some aspect of the game.

When not working on my game I love going on long bike rides, anad swimming
at the