Head Start Jr Sunday




Head Start JrTM Sunday

Every Sunday @ PS 183 

419 E 66th St, New York, NY

9:00 AM- 10:45 AM Unrated 

One of Chess NYC's very best! 
(2) Teams:
Team 1 - Complete Beginners: Age 4 & up
Chess NYC Experts in this age group will engage, teach and share their love of the game, propelling them into actual game play, a lot faster than you think!
Team 2 - Still beginners but starting to understand the flow of the game: All Ages
These Children will play (3) supervised games in a "Tournament-Like Environment" with winners and losers. In between each round they will be gathered and Coached based on what is being observed during each game.
This pointed instruction is sure to accelerate everyone into the exciting world of true Tournament Play.
* As the play matures, the Play & Go MeetsTM follow @ 11 AM and graduates from Head Start join in @ no cost.

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