About The Company / History

Established in 2007 New York City Chess Inc. was founded to provide Chess instruction to individuals of all ages, at schools and institutions through time tested teaching methods by handpicked and trained coaches with a commitment to excellence. New York City Chess Inc. mission is one of inclusion. Its goal is to bring chess services to those who would not otherwise be able to afford the educational advantages of Chess programs that are dedicated to creating an engaging, fun, educational, sporting and positive Chess environment.

Why Chess NYC is Unique

Chess NYC identifies and provides opportunities to coaches and chess leaders whom possess skill sets that, along with significant chess talent, includes strong communication skills, character, sense of humor and a special social acumen that helps create an energetic, enthusiastic, mainstream, sporting and fun approach to beginners and advanced players alike. In addition to working in public, private and charter schools across the 5 boroughs, Chess NYC provides chess instruction in NYC and NYS jails and prisons such as Riker’s Island and Queensboro Correctional as part of their re-entry and therapeutic programs. Beyond working with young adults on Rikers Island and children under the care of OCFS, Chess NYC coaches work with a diverse population of individuals and groups such as students and groups with special needs, senior citizens, children as young as 3, ranging from beginner to master level players.

About The Program

Chess NYC has long established itself as the leader in Chess excellence and education. The Chess NYC philosophy is to emphasize the sport and fun of Chess. Providing engaging, accelerated instruction followed by supervised, spirited play, each student associates chess with fun, and therefore larger numbers of them ultimately excel or at least become proficient in the great game of Chess. From there? Excellence! During this time of social distancing, Chess NYC has been there to support families by providing a variety of Chess opportunities through our unique online platform.

  1. Group Classes – 3 levels: Head Start, Advancing in Chess and GM Inspired TAG Training
  2. Individual one-on-one instruction
  3. ‘Play n Stay’ Online USCF rated meets
  4. Online Fun & Training Camp for all levels. Families can choose from hourly, weekly or full-summer options.

About Our Director

A native New Yorker, Mr. Propper, has hustled his way through the NYC business world by starting his career as a teenager retailing in the streets of NYC, to becoming the owner of a telecommunications start-up, to a New York City School Board President, and current Co-Director of Chess NYC and President of Chess NYC Services Inc.