Michael Propper

The one and only Michael Propper: our fearless leader here @ Chess NYC! Michael knows what needs to be done and how to get our students to become unrivaled Chess competitors in the field. Michael is also the Coach of our New York Knights basketball team. He never backs down from a challenge, making Chess NYC into one of the biggest Chess groups anywhere…Not one to “take stuff”, he genuinely adores the students and, in addition to teaching them how to carry a winning attitude, he will do anything to ensure they are enjoying every minute of what could be a challenging and difficult process. Tough, generous and thoughtful, he sets the tone for our great Community! 

Alan Propper

Coach Alan has been with Chess NYC for 10 years and now serves as our fearless Assistant Director. He currently attends Hunter College and is the top scorer for the New York Knights, the Chess NYC basketball team. His favorite chess memory was playing blitz chess on a lifesize, 8 foot board, in the middle of Broadway, in front of Macy’s for a “beat-the-champ” tournament. His students love his upbeat attitude, tactical curriculum, and the prizes he gives!