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Visit us at our new SOHO club in a fabulous location at 108 Wooster Street, Unit C2. We also have a new Brooklyn learning center at Williamsburg Tutoring.

Afterschool Programs and CAMPS are STILL OPEN! For All Levels, All Ages, Offered Every Day.

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Chess NYC AfterSchool Camps

Grouped by skill level and age, children will grow through sections beginning with Head Start™ for absolute beginnings, Advancing (planning a game), and GM Inspired tactics™ (diabolical). All levels will emphasize the fun and sport of the game. Promotions within sections will automatically occur during the semester but the schedule remains the same.

Open Enrollment After School Programs: @ school dismissal through 5:15pm
Fall 2021
Dates: Monday 9/20/21 – Friday 1/28/22
Program Semester is valid for (1) day per week of the semester.
Season Pass is valid any and every day!