New York City Chess Inc.

"New York City Chess Services Inc.'s mission is one of inclusion. Its goal is to raise and provide funds to those not otherwise able to afford the educational advantages of Chess Programs."

New York City Chess Services Inc. ("NYCCS") is a nonprofit that donates 100 percent of funds, which are obtained exclusively through fundraising activities and grants, to subsidize fees for those who need assistance affording New York City Chess Inc. ("Chess NYC") programs. Chess NYC has a policy of never turning away a child because he/she cannot afford its services. In order for Chess NYC to uphold and expand upon its promise, NYCCS' funds subsidize fees for Chess NYC programs to those who cannot otherwise afford them. Our goal is to provide Chess Programs that are dedicated to creating an engaging, fun, educational, sporting, and positive Chess environment and ensuring students of all ages and economic stature can learn not only how to proficiently play Chess, but to gain the academic and life values that the game, has been unequivocally proven to provide.


New York City Chess Services is a classified 501(c)(3) charity organization. Your donation is tax deductible and will be documented.
100% of proceeds will go to the enrichment of students.






Rogue Knight

Checks may be mailed to:
New York City Chess Services Inc.
1562 First Avenue
PO Box 189
New York, NY, 10028

"We can't help everyone, but everyone can help someone." - Ronald Reagan