in-person LESSONS

Private Lessons

Please tell us a bit about the student and we will “literally” guarantee an effective pairing of Coach to Student.

Chess NYC offers a unique brand of quality of Chess Instruction for all levels, beginners too advanced. Evolving, tried, true and tested teaching methods by handpicked and trained Team members with a commitment to excellence, ensures every student receives appropriate instruction based on their individual needs. Chess NYC students range in ages from 4 up to 104 and their Chess needs range accordingly. Chess NYC boasts students from those first being introduced to the game, as well as Experts and Masters looking to gain an edge in tournament competition…and everything else in between!  At Chess NYC the emphasis is on sport, fun and growth.

All level Coaches available for all levels of play…Even Grandmasters


Chess Buddy Tutoring creates affordability for ALL ages and levels of chess instruction. Originally designed for groups of 3/4 friends and competitive Teams who wish to learn and progress together, Chess Buddies has evolved into one of our most effective, social chess learning tools. Curriculum is developed for the appropriate level of the group. Group play and competition, further allows the group to grasp learned concepts together.