All Chess NYC Programs are online now. We will not convene until we are certain the the circumstances are 100% safe.

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New York City Chess


New York City Chess Inc. started as a vision to promote chess in NYC. Several players met consistently on 112th and Broadway to enjoy chess, conversation, and community.

From there we began to organize and see an opportunity to bring people together through chess. We ran tournaments, offered lessons, and developed merchandise that represented our vision.

Chess is a perfect combination of body, mind, and soul! People of all races, ages, genders, and social status can sit across the 64 squares and be perfect equals. This concept epitomizes life in New York City.

We hope you enjoy the site and participate in Chess NYC lessons, events, and programs!



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Coaching Staff:

Chess NYC Coaching Staff


Chess NYC News

  • Making Chess Fun Again


    An Interview with Michael Propper, the Director of Chess NYC – One of the Best Chess Schools in New York City. As a basketball coach, he led teams to play the best game they could. As the president of the New York City School Board, he worked to make sure that every child had access to a good education and a bright future. Now, as the director of Chess NYCMichael Propper is

  • Pretty Cool 100 Seconds, Huh?

    prettycoll100seconds 800px

    This (pretty cool) Introduction to Chess is just the beginning! Chess NYC's New copyrighted Head Start Curriculum is a "long time coming". Capitalizing on Children's universal interests and thereby ability to focus... ...Coaches are able to accelerate learning in a, REALLY, fun and engaging way.

    In most cases 4-6 weeks and they are up to tactic training with Chess NYC Pro's, Experts, Masters and Grandmasters.

    Took us a while to perfect but..."We got this".

  • Play N Go Taking Over NYC


    Chess NYC’s Play N Go events impact on a kids’ tournament play is beginning to “document.” These weekly Chess Leagues (along with inspirational prizes) also allow the occasional attendee to “drop-in” and play when they can. They provide a “sparring environment” and matches that “count” towards USCF Ratings, in a Chess Tournament setting, and it’s proving to be a brilliant approach to Championship preparation.

    Director, Michael Propper and Team provide pre-game training and the

Meet the Team

The best chess teachers in NYC! Teaching all ages...4 to 104

Meet Our Team