You don’t need to be associated with a school for it. So friends are able to play together, which makes it fun and unlike every other chess tournament out there!

Three Chess NYC teams were made of high school students, who have rocked out our programs before. One team, NY City 1 (Chess NYC), consisted of Chess NYC’s top-ranked coaches: GM Oliver Barbosa, IM Daniel Jere, NM Ikrom Ibrohimov & Chess NYC Expert, Stephen Eckelmann. Their average rating coming out to 2098. To be able to take part in this tournament your team’s average needs to be below 2200.

This tournament employed the Swiss System, the most popular format for chess tournaments, where teams are never eliminated. The teams are paired every round, the number of rounds is predetermined, and the winner is the team that earns the most points at the end. The scoring system is a point for a win and half-point for a draw. Say your team makes it to the fourth round undefeated and wins, then your team would play another team that also won their fourth round and remains undefeated. That’s pretty intense!

NY City 1 ended with a score of 5.5 out of 6. They dropped in the fifth round with a draw. Despite the half-point drop NY City 1 got second place overall for in the Amateur Team East Tournament. This team was killing it so much they also received first place for the Company Prize and first place for teams in New York! In the words of Coach Oliver, “it’s tiring but worth it!”