This program was dreamed into existence by Chess NYC’s director, Michael Propper, who hopes this program will help inspire young chess champs to improve their game from learning through their peers. These are kids who the younger chess kids can look up to and inspire to be.

The whole idea of the program is for the kids who have already gone through the program to be able to give back to the younger kids in the program. When asked what inspired this program Director Michael Propper said “we have access to kids at a very young age and we develop amazing and well-rounded chess players. So we are explaining the game to a new player through their peers. It creates more believability for our younger players...that they could achieve chess excellence too!”

These older peers will go through concepts the kids have learned and show them how they are applied and what they can do with it. They are there to support the younger kids in the program. The peers consist of current middle schoolers, interns in the Future Leaders Program, and college students who have gone through Chess NYC’s programs. All students have partaken in Chess NYC’s various programs. “Now that we are ten years in business, we have a pool of talented young people to draw from. Young people who have excelled in Chess NYC’s programs and can represent what Chess NYC is all about! 

This program is started as a pilot program at PS 132. With the beginning of a new After School Program, Chess NYC welcomes the new Peer Mentoring Program!