They wanted to create an environment where kids could actually believe that to learn  Chess is exciting and how much fun it can be to learn and play, once when you understand it. Chess is, as our logo says, “the most exciting game in the world without a ball.”

So they set to work finding people who had the same level of enthusiasm for chess as they did and paired that with the ability to connect with kids. “Let’s employ those chess crazies! We can give them an outlet for their skills and the opportunity to share their knowledge with willing students.”

When they started hiring “chess crazies” they also figured out they should hire “normal people” too, although that definition has yet to be discovered. ;) But regardless, along with the necessary GM’s, IM’s and Masters,  they started hiring “normal” people. They include people who can get down on a kids level and explain the concepts, people who can understand and respond to something happening in a kids life, and people that the kids can relate to.

“Our Coaches represent something kids can achieve. They are someone a kid can strive to be. We have college students, face painters, theatre managers, engineers, teachers, and videographers to show our students that anyone can play chess. And to give them someone relatable to look up to.” Director, Michael Propper said.

And what we ended up with? The perfect pairing! We are clearly, Chess crazy and normal around here. Who would have thought?

After hiring the perfect pairing the Chess NYC founders realized there needed to be a prop(p)er introduction into chess that would interest kids. They created a set of videos that introduce the game and the pieces in a cartoon! “Kids are watching it thinking ‘this is fun’! They don’t even realize they are learning something while they are watching it.”

Kids have really responded and have shown incredible interest and willingness to learn chess...and it’s all, just the beginning!