May 13 2020

Play N Go™ Taking Over NYC

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Improvement is a “win”, even if it doesn’t earn a “W”, pointing out that these Meets are fun prep, for the big events scheduled throughout the year, prior to each meet. Players are then “paired” with (3) like-skilled opponents and play USCF rated matches with each one. Participants are challenged to play their best game and overcome familiar and increasingly stronger opponents, over and over again during the scholastic seasons. *Chess NYC focuses them on [...]

Apr 15 2020

Making Chess Fun Again

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Michael Propper and Chess NYC: making the ancient game of chess accessible to young minds in a way that combines his experience in both of those previous careers. Propper will be the first to tell you that chess and basketball are a lot alike. If you’re surprised by that comparison, it may be because chess has had a bit of a PR problem lately. For most people, thinking of the game means conjuring up images [...]