**United States Chess Federation Membership is required for participation in this program (Ages 4+)...CLICK HERE**

Just like Play N Go: Same League Format! - (3) Pre-paired matches; Same (4) Player Sections! - (3) USCF Online Rated Games; Same Day & Time as Usual! - Sundays @ 11:00 AM; Same Point System- 2pts per win 1.5 pts per draw, 1.0 pts per loss; New G20 D10! - But Notation and Clock management are automated.
New Standings! - We are starting fresh  & New Prizes! - Winners of Every Section gets 10 Bucks! Every Time!  | plus |  New Grand Prize! - Top 20 Season point earners enter a Drawing for a chance to win a... TRIP TO DISNEY WORLD!!!! That's how you get out of the house, huh? There will be (2) Winners Drawn*: (1) 8 years old and under Winner; and (1) 9 years old an up Winner. 
* This drawing will take place the day schools open in the Fall and the Season will run from April 19th until August 30th...Every Week!
Participants may register up until Saturday 9 PM, for play on Sunday. Sorry, we will not be able to accept "last minute registration" (pretty out of character for Chess NYC!). All Participants will receive an email on Sunday morning, directing them to Gathering Room @ 10:55 AM. Players will be paired, against "like skilled" opponents, based on their current USCF Rating. Results will be submitted to the USCF and will impact Players' USCF "Online Ratings", immediately.