Improvement is a “win”, even if it doesn’t earn a “W”, pointing out that these Meets are fun prep, for the big events scheduled throughout the year, prior to each meet.

Players are then “paired” with (3) like-skilled opponents and play USCF rated matches with each one.

Participants are challenged to play their best game and overcome familiar and increasingly stronger opponents, over and over again during the scholastic seasons.

*Chess NYC focuses them on the City, State, National, Susan Polgar World Open and Mayor’s Cup competitions.

These events have been so successful that the upcoming season of Play N Go™ now includes (4) locations and the Organization is preparing for more!

Last year Chess NYC hosted Play N Go™ Saturdays at PS 267 and Play N Go™ Sundays at PS 183 both from 11am – 2pm. The two new locations are PS 126 on Tuesday nights at 5:30 pm and PS 87 on Friday nights at 6pm. If someone forgot to register ahead of time, no worries! They can drop in and register onsite! Though Chess NYC does tend to fill up during the school year, so the earlier a person registers beforehand the better, in order to be guaranteed a seat.

By keeping the events “short and sweet,” it allows time for preparation and invaluable “post matches” game review by the Coaching Staff on hand. Chess NYC’s “style” leaves the kids “fresh” and excited. Enjoying the game but not draining them, participants have improved their play measurably! Many have doubled and tripled their rating by capitalizing on Play N Go’s™ weekly!

Parents are even able to watch the Chess play behind (waist high) barriers at the outskirts of the play arena. While not permitted to “speak or motion” (lest they be asked to leave), this provides parents the opportunity to observe play and provide support to their children acting as “Assistant Coaches,” in pointing out bad habits or potential for improvement in play, based on the “arms length distance” they might witness during matches.

“This is the greatest concept we have ever come up with,” lauded Company Director and Head Coach Michael Propper. “And we’ve just scratched the surface” he promised, adding that “kids need to feel good about themselves, win or lose and Play N Go™ leads them down that path to success.” He smiled and closed with “and it’s all good,” as several Players approached him to brag about how they’d played this week.